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The Chosen One, No Water Required, Push Til-It-Hurtz, Push-Playing With Fire, TLB-The Early Years.


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I just finished minutes ago to listen for the very first time to the
PUSH BAND 'Til It Hurtz' album on vinyl.
I'm a hard rock/heavy metal lover, enthusiast and collector from Rome, Italy.
I was frantically looking for a copy of the LP  til I found one, and now
that I found one and listened to it I can say you kicked some serious asses!
A very good album all around, reminiscent of Motley Crue, early Aerosmith and
Thundertrain (a great 70's band from Boston). My favorite songs were Playin
with Fire, Midnight Lady and Hungry Eyes. It's quite easy to understand you guys
we're hot on stage. You deserved more luck for sure.
Did you ever release more stuff on vinyl back then? Any singles or whatever?
If you did, I'd be interested in buying it. Glad to see Mr. Bolton
is still Rockin' after all these years.
My Best Regards, Giovanni

Hi Terry,
the world is getting smaller and smaller with the Internet !!!
We living in Germany and we have this LP over 7 years and we like it !
You look much different on the Back–Cover from the LP!
I saw, that you bring out this LP on CD, that’s good !

Greetings from Germany, Brigitte + Dieter

We were a lot of times in USA to play “Darts” and “Foosball” and we like it !!!

Push “Til-It-Hurtz” is still my Favorite Record.
I bought the "Til-It-Hurtz" record when it was released.
I picked it up in Detroit I was doing a Midwest Tour,
and while I had a layover I went record shopping.
I still have it and play it at least once a month.
I host an internet radio station and will be playing
some PUSH music in an upcoming show.
The show is called "Eclectic Ladyland". Take Care, Tony.

Dear Terry, I was just wondering about the Push LP and where I could purchase one?

Michael Josef Jackson.

Terry... Mike what is your favorite push song?

Okay, now you're asking for a really tuff choice!!!
If I absolutely, definitely, life-depended-on-it, had to choose...
then I'd say Can't Stop. It's the drumming.
Although I really like Losin' Night for the use of the cowbell.
I have to admit that on Rockin' Rollers,
 I do detect a slight David Lee Roth sound in parts of the vocals.
There isn't a weak song on the album.
They are all excellent. Great variety in the styles,
great vocals and harmony, kick-ass drums and
great riff-filled guitars.
Oh, and no sappy ballads! Playin With Fire
and Hungry Eyes could have easily passed as
lost Motley Crue tracks! I could make so many
comparisons to other bands, and at the same time,
point out the original qualities that make these songs unique.
I don't know if you like being compared to other bands,
so i hope you don't take offense to it.
Bottom line is, in my opinion, this album
had all the qualifications to be among the ranks of
Boston's 1st LP or Aerosmith's Toy's In The Attic.
A classic in rock history!
Okay, I'm stepping down from my soap-box now.
Guess I got a little carried away in
answering your question, huh?
M Jackson.

Hi Terry, I was just wondering if you could let me know when your
Push - Til It Hurtz will be remastered on CD?
I would LOVE to buy a copy when it's ready.
Take care, and keep rockin', Jody

Terry... Jody, where do I know you from?
also Jody, check out my other site at

Hi again Terry, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.
We've never met.
I just found the PUSH website,
and saw that the Til It Hurtz LP was going to
be released on CD, and would love to get a copy. - Jody

Hi Terry! I'm from Minnesota. I'll definitely check out your other site too,
thanks! 'That's great about the Push CD. I do have a Paypal account,
and would be happy to send payment for a copy!
Please let me know what paypal ID to pay,
and I'll send that out when the disc is ready!

Terry... Jody have you heard the Push LP before?
Did you get a chance to check out the other site as well?

No, I haven't heard it before, but I really want to!
Yes, I did check out the other website, terryleebolton.com
and listened to some samples.  Really awesome stuff, man!

Hey Terry,
So, when can I buy that Push CD?
Just let me know when you're ready,
and I'll send a Paypal payment off!  Jody.

Terry... Jody it's on it's way! Thanks and
keep pushin' Terry Lee (Shotgun) Bolton

Terry, the push til it hurtz cd i just got
is totally kick ass! The sound is awesome
and the pictures are really cool! It must be really
killer for you to be able to re-release this on cd
after all these years. I'm going to tell all of my friends
to get this disc and hear what rock n roll from
the 80's really sounds like. Two thumbs up terry,
keep pushin! Greg, from Utica Michigan.

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